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British style public telephone booths set up at Moonlake scenic area

Recently, two red British style public telephone booths appeared at the Tianyi Pavilion Museum & Moonlake scenic area. One of the booths is located under a phoenix tree on the Gongqing Road, and the other, on the small magnolia square at the intersection of the Zhenming Road and the Liuting Street. The transparent glass and the bright red color of the booths add a beautiful touch to the scenic area.

According to a related person in charge from the Management Office of the Tianyi Pavilion Museum & Moonlake scenic area, the telephone booths are jointly upgraded and reconstructed by the scenic area and Haishu branch of China Telecom, Ningbo. “Last October, a report in Ningbo Daily said that a public telephone booth stood blocking the passage of pedestrians on the sidewalk next to the Water Standard Monument of our scenic area. Then upon discussion with the telecommunications department concerned, we decided on a joint improvement and transformation of the booths. The installation of the new booths were completed on January 25 this year.”

Reportedly, given the popularity of mobile phones and the significant reduction in the utilization rate of public telephone booths, the related departments have reduced the original five telephone booths around the scenic area into two on the basis of retaining the call function of the booths. The colorful British style is chosen to give consideration to the tourism function of the scenic area and brighten the scenic area in image. “The whole area is somewhat classical in nature with the green color, so the red color is used to make contrast. The two new booths, one under the phoenix trees and the other on the small square, are more harmonious with the surrounding environment, adding new fashion elements into the scenic area.” said a related person in charge from the scenic area

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