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Ice-snow industry in Ningbo propelled by Beijing Winter Olympics

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has triggered the rapid development of China’s snow and rice sports and snow and rice tourism. In Ningbo, Beilun District, with the large-scale indoor snow and ice amusement parks, has become the first choice for the tourists and local citizens during the Spring Festival holiday.

For this year’s Spring Festival holiday, the consumption potential of Beilun District was fully released, with citizens and tourists becoming more enthusiastic about participating in online activities. Local tourism, ice and snow tourism and parent-child tourism became the main ways of travel on holidays. The number of non-local employees staying in Ningbo and local tourists not choosing long-distance travels has increased significantly.

Reportedly, during the Spring Festival holiday, Beilun District received 229,000 visits, a year-on-year increase of 6.1%. The cumulative tourism revenue was 300 million yuan, up by 14.09% over the same period of last year.

Ice and snow tours and winter tours become popular

As a large-scale indoor ice and snow amusement park in East China, the Meishan Bay Ice & Snow World held a snowman competition during the Spring Festival period. The average daily number of tourist flow during the Spring Festival holiday for the amusement park is over 5000.

Winter tours were well received, mainly in the form of snow exploration and plum blossom appreciation. The 16th Jiufeng Mountain Plum Blossom Festival was held at the Jiufeng Mountain tourist resort. With such popular activities as DIY experience, sending calligraphy blessings, live streaming and sightseeing and walking on water by boat, the tourist resort received over 10,000 tourists every day on February 4 and 5.

Citizens enjoy a “cloud Spring Festival”

In response to the city’s call to stay in Ningbo for the Spring Festival, Beilun District invited the citizens to spend the “cloud Spring Festival” with a series of wonderful online cultural activities. For example, Beilun District Cultural Center launched the activity of “celebrating Spring Festival with intangible cultural heritage items”, and a series of cloud artistic popularization activities.

Among others, the “food exhibition year” painting activity combines delicious food with painting through 10 online painting classes. Beilun District Library launched the “21-day reading” activity. China Port Museum launched the cloud exhibition of some special exhibits of its collection in the form of live streaming, when Bi Xianzhong, Deputy Curator of the library, told the stories of the Chinese ports.

Indoor tours and parent-child tours attract tourists

During the Spring Festival holiday, due to the continuous overcast or rainy weather, the indoor tours and parent-child tours became the most popular ways of travel.

China Port Museum carried out a series of activities to celebrate the Spring Festival, including six exhibitions, four online activities, 11 youth social education activities, 12 folk customs experience activities and 12 recreational activities, receiving a total of 13,327 tourists.

Two special exhibitions were held at China Port Museum, with the themes of “New Year paintings of Wuqiang County and our Spring Festival” and “lives in rice-paper paintings for export”, bringing about the atmosphere of people’s lives in paintings to the on-site tourists. Such folk customs experience activities as riddle guessing and making handicrafts attracted a lot of participants to enjoy the charm of the traditional culture. Some traditional children games attracted both children and adults for the special festive flavor of Spring Festival at China Port Museum

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