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Ningbo will offer a "micro-vacation" cultural and tourism feast

Hundreds of cultural and tourism festivals will be held, Ningbo's top ten cultural feasts will be promoted, and millions of cultural and tourism consumption coupons will be issued... Recently, the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism officially released "Ningbo Micro Vacation - The Best Fun in Zhejiang" The 2022 Ningbo Cultural Tourism Winter and Spring Products, which will provide a sumptuous Spring Festival Cultural Tourism feast for the citizens and tourists in Ningbo.

In response to the new trend of cultural and tourism integration and consumption, this year, the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television has integrated the two elements of historical and cultural cities and coastal metropolises into the design of Spring Festival tourism products. There are eight themed activities in the four major sections of "New Year's Taste", "Online Benefit Tour", "Celebrity’s Visit" and "Joy of Interest in Ningbo".

During the Spring Festival, well-known scenic spots, hotels, and towns in Ningbo will launch nearly 100 cultural and tourism festivals, covering food, folklore, music, exhibitions, etc. Simultaneously, Ningbo cuisine experience stores will organize “ten cultural feasts in Ningbo” experience activities. This year's Spring Festival has a lot of "Online Promoted Travel" activities in Ningbo. "Because of You" 2022 Ningbo Cultural Tourism Spring Festival Promotion will issue cultural and tourism consumption coupons worth one million yuan; 100 key cultural and tourism enterprises plan to launch over a thousand "micro-vacation" products such as parent-child, self-driving, and sports and health care. They will be available on Ningbo's local tourism e-commerce platform.

In addition, during the Spring Festival, the "2022 Cultural Tourism Market" will be grandly opened, and cultural and tourism enterprises in surrounding cities such as Wenzhou, Taizhou, Shaoxing, Zhoushan will bring intangible cultural heritage, food, cultural and creative products and other special products to Ningbo. "Blind Box" " VR” and other new consumption scenarios will be launched. A new experience for cultural tourism and business that integrates display, performance, experience, and consumption will kick off. At the same time, relevant departments will also launch the activities of “Online Influencers’ Livestreaming” and “Celebrities’ Tour” to organize media, Internet celebrities and self-driving enthusiasts to travel around Ningbo and experience the charm of "micro-vacation", "slow travel" and "self-driving travel"

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