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Special exhibition for musical IPs in Ningbo held

he “music Ningbo” special exhibition for musical IPs was started at the Creative Ningbo Hall of Nantang Old Street on January 18.

This immersive exhibition has built an audible and visible music space for the audience. Visitors can watch the exhibition through interactive ways such as the Audfly, code scanning and listening to songs, holographic projection, 3D ring screen, musical instrument scene reproduction, vinyl record experience and so on. Six chapters, including “Ningbo music figures”, “music enterprises (bases)”, “music history”, “musical instruments”, “music cultural creation” and “science and technology music”, were displayed on site, exhibiting the construction achievements of “music Ningbo” in a combination of graphics, pictures, video and audio materials.

At the opening ceremony, Tu Jingnan, a national first-class performer, played Xun, an ancient musical instrument, which could be seen at the Hemudu Site more than 7,000 years ago. The string quartet group of Ningbo Symphony Orchestra played the classic song of “Butterfly Love Story”, and Ningbo Song and Dance Troupe played the “tea picking dance”. At the site, some famous Ningbo musicians such as Ms. Yu Lina, the performer of “Butterfly Love Story”, and Ma Youyou, the world-famous cellist, sent their blessings to the exhibition through the video.

Reportedly, during the exhibition period, there will be a series of activities, including the public IP collection, musicians’ seminar, vinyl record player sharing with the young, music salon and musical instruments playing

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