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Sending “blessing” to passengers at airport

On the first day of the Spring Festival travel rush, there was a festive and peaceful atmosphere at Terminal 2 of Ningbo Lishe International Airport. At the passenger lounge, some calligraphers were writing and sending “Fu” characters (with the meaning of blessing) and Spring Festival couplets to passengers. The activity, launched by Ningbo Airport VIP Company, was warmly welcomed by passing passengers. Many stopped to enjoy the writing and accepted this special and warm blessing.

The present calligraphers include Zou Daming, former Party Secretary of Ningbo Federation of Literary and Art Circles and President of Ningbo Branch of Siming Calligraphy and Painting Academy, and Qian Dingsheng, Vice-chairman of Ningbo Calligrapher Association and President of Sha Menghai Calligraphy Academy.

The passengers were glad to receive the Spring Festival couplets and Fu characters. A passenger holding a piece of “Fu” character said fondly that he didn’t expect to receive such a good “blessing” at the airport. It was really a surprise

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