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Personal exhibition of a young Hungarian artist held in Ningbo Art Gallery

On January 14, a special personal exhibition named “Hearing the Colors”, by Ader Orsolya, a young Hungarian artist, was held at Ningbo Art Gallery, with over 50 works displaying her rich artistic expression skills and extraordinary artistic imagination. This is a unique art exhibition, with the free use of colors and strokes, especially the debut of fluorescent series paintings.

The works of the exhibition fall into over a dozen of themed series, including “universe”, “divine proportion”, “emotional experience”, “golden spiral” and “order in disorder”, etc. As an experimental artist, Ms. Orsolya likes to try new painting techniques and ideas, and to integrate different media to do experiments, so as to create her own painting style. The fluorescent series paintings on display perfectly illustrate this point. This is the first time for her fluorescent paintings to be exhibited in China. Accompanied by some music, the fluorescent paintings will bring the visitors a new experience.

The exhibition will last until February 19

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