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Cultivating Ningbo Civilization and Fashion with Habits

Civilized custom is accumulated. Stepping on the brakes in front of the zebra crossing, an orderly line in front of the subway waiting line, consciously use public chopsticks and spoons during dinner...In Ningbo, more and more citizens choose a civilized lifestyle and share the fruits of civilized happiness .

Since last year, our city has continued to carry out the action to cultivate good habit of civilization, starting from the daily life, grasping the "key sections" of civilization, guiding citizens to speak civilized, do civilized things, and be civilized people, and further enhance the civilized quality of citizens and the level of social civilization.

"Nowadays, the concept of civilized travel is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Most electric bicycles wait in an orderly manner after the parking line, and the phenomenon of pedestrians running red lights is also significantly reduced." On the evening of the 15th, the traffic civilization volunteer Wang Yuefa of 81890 in Haishu District guided traffic at Jiefangbei Intersection. . He wrote four sentences about his experience in participating in civilized transportation volunteer service: "Civilization guides me to do it first, and cross the streets to raise the flag. Order and safety are all responsible, and red stop and green line are rules."

During peak dining hours, it was found in commercial plazas such as Impression City and Yinzhou Wanda that it has become a habit for more and more citizens to practice "CD Action" and use "public chopsticks and spoons". In Yinzhou District alone, more than 50,000 public welfare posters were posted, 20,000 pairs of public chopsticks, and 60,000 civilized dining reminders were issued, advocating a civilized dining style. In a restaurant in Century East, there is a pair of red chopsticks on each table. Citizen Zhao Can said: "As epidemic prevention and control become normal today, using public spoons and chopsticks can make food more hygienic and safe. I believe it will become the consensus of the whole society, and then become everyone's conscious action."

Volunteers provide heart-warming public welfare services to key groups such as widows, elderly people in difficulty, and the disabled; volunteers of "Emergency Orange Hill" respond to the urgent and difficult things reported by the masses in the first time... in Zhenhai District In Xiepu Town, the "fancy color" voluntary service system inspires volunteers' enthusiasm for service, and "volunteer freely" has become a common practice. The town’s volunteers have carried out more than 100 charitable heart-warming services, coordinated to solve more than 200 outstanding problems reported by the masses, and carried out more than 500 various environmental protection and civilized persuasion activities.

"Garbage sorting", "civilized dining", "civilized transportation", "volunteer", "reliance on promises", "civilized rural style", "civilized tourism", "civilized Internet", "lawful queuing", "civilized management"... Starting from the actual situation, ten practical activities guided the citizens to promote new fashions and practice good habits of civilization, drawing a new civilized Ningbo landscape

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