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People travel on Citizens’ Tourism Day

October 16th is the annual Citizens’ Tourism Day. Although it is rainy, many scenic spots are very popular. According to statistics from the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism, as of 4 pm on October 16, the city’s 62 scenic spots (spots) with preferential policy had received 65,000 tourists, with a cumulative discount of 3,708,800 yuan.

As a traditional hot spot for Citizens' Travel Day, Ningbo Ocean World has launched half discount tickets this year. Indoor scenic spots have advantages in rainy days. Romon Universal Park has also turned the Tourism Day into "Tourism Weekend". The marketing director of the park introduced: "After the announcement of the Citizens’ Tourism Day news, in addition to Ningbo citizens, many tourists outside Ningbo came to consult. Therefore, the park not only extended the preferential time period to October 16th and 17th, but also extended the half-price discount to all tourists. I hope that all of them can have fun here."

It is learned that a total of 92 cultural and tourism enterprises and units have participated in the Citizens’ Tourism Day this year, including 62 scenic spots, museums, resorts, leisure sports bases. 30 hotels and homestays have also launched preferential accommodation products and catering packages

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