Exhibition of contemporary art held

Category: Ningbo News
Published: Wednesday, 11 August 2021 14:57

The “Kaleidoscope: Ningbo Contemporary Art Literature Exhibition" was started at the Nade Art Museum in the Southern Business District of Ningbo on the afternoon of August 2.

The Contemporary Art Society of Ningbo was established in 2010. Since then, in the field of contemporary art, the related people of insight and artists have worked together to carry out a series of exhibitions of contemporary art in Ningbo. In September 2011, with the theme of “breakthroughs”, the first Ningbo Contemporary Art Exhibition was held in Ningbo Art Gallery. After that, three contemporary art exhibitions were held in Ningbo with different themes. This year, the 5th Ningbo Contemporary Art Exhibition, with the theme of “kaleidoscope”, was still held in Ningbo Art Museum.

The past several contemporary art exhibitions have continuously displayed the creative achievements of Ningbo contemporary art in an all-round way, leading to the formation of the contemporary art atmosphere and creative groups in Ningbo. At present, Ningbo has

established an art community covering many ways, such as easel painting, comprehensive materials, installations and sculptures, ready-made style, experimental ink and wash painting, font art, modern lacquer art, abstract art, earth art, concept image and photography, and has made remarkable achievements that have attracted the attention of the art circles all over the country.

This year’s contemporary art literature exhibition includes some of the works exhibited in the previous four sessions, such as a canvas oil painting by Chen Feng, a woodcut work by Zhou Feng, the “Prophets of the 1,001 Series” by Chen Chao, the work of Ge Xiaohong in the form of comprehensive materials, the lacquer painting by Bao Xianjie, the comprehensive art painting by Wei Huidong and the ink and washing painting by Yang Peilin. There are also some documents to review and sort out the development process of the contemporary art in Ningbo over the past decade.

An art salon was also held on August 2. “A group of cutting-edge artists have sprung up in Ningbo to join the creative team of contemporary art. After brewing and development, this new force with strong original power will certainly bring unprecedented artistic vitality to Ningbo, a famous city in the south of the Yangtze River.” said Dr. Ma Shancheng, the academic host of the exhibition