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The 12th gold medal! Ningbo boy Shi Zhiyong won the championship and broke the world record

On the evening of July 28, in the men's 73 kg weightlifting in Tokyo Olympic Games, Ningbo athlete Shi Zhiyong won the championship with 166 kg snatch and 198 kg clean and jerk, with a total score of 364 kg and broke the world record for total results.

Shi Zhiyong is a Ningbo athlete. At the 2016 Rio Olympics, Shi Zhiyong participated in the Olympics for the first time and won the men's 69 kg weightlifting championship. He won the first Olympic gold medal for Ningbo in history. In recent years, Shi Zhiyong has made persistent efforts to challenge himself, breaking his own world record seven times in four years.

The men's 73 kg weightlifting for the Tokyo Olympics started at about 6:50 pm. A total of 9 athletes from the United States, Japan and other places participated in the competition. The first round is the snatch competition. Shi Zhiyong chose 158 kg for his first attempt, and his weight was much higher than other players. Shi Zhiyong lifted it easily. Next, Shi Zhiyong's opponent was only himself. In the second attempt, Shi chose 163 kg and succeeded. Shi did not stop. In the third attempt, he chose 166 kg, and without any suspense, he

lifted it over his head. Shi's snatch performance broke the Olympic record. With snatch alone, he has led the second place by 10 kg.

In the clean and jerk competition, Shi started with 188 kg and lifted it smoothly. In the second attempt, Shi chose 192 kg. Although he raised it over his head, but it was sentenced to an invalid one. Shi directly chose 198 kg in the third attempt. Shi lifted the bar, squatted, lifted, and over the top in one go. He successfully won the championship. His snatch performance broke the Olympic record, the clean and jerk performance evened his own world record, and his total score broke his own world record

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