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Yang Qian becomes the first Chinese shooter to win two consecutive gold medals in one Olympic Games

Yang Qian gets her second gold medal

On the afternoon of July 27th, the first air rifle mixed team competition in the history of the Olympic Games was held at the Asaka Shooting Range in Tokyo, Japan. Ningbo shooter Yang Qian and her teammate Yang Haoran defeated an American pair 17:13 score and shot down this precious gold medal. This is the first time in the history of the Olympic Games that a Chinese athlete won two shooting gold medals in one Olympic Games.

The air rifle mixed team competition is a new event of the Olympic Games. The competition rules have been revised many times. According to the latest rules, the gold medal competition adopts "grab 16". The number of rings in each round is kept to one decimal place, and there are two teams in each round. Players with a high total number of rings will count 2 points, and each tie will get 1 point. The team that scores 16 or more points first wins the game.

In the final, Yang Qian/Yang Haoran's performance remained stable. Yang Qian scored 10.9 in the third round and won the applause of the folks who watched the match in her hometown, Yangjianong Village, Jiangshan Town, Yinzhou District. The U.S. pair is not to be outdone, and the two sides have several ties. After 11 draws, Yang Qian/Yang Haoran scored 21.5 and 20.8 consecutively, and took the lead to get the match point, 15:11. Then the American team won 2 points. Finally, Yang Qian/Yang Haoran scored the last 2 points with 21.1:19.8 to seal the victory

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