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Ningbo girl Yu Yiting advances to the 200m medley semifinals

On July 26, in the Tokyo Olympics’ women's 200m individual medley preliminaries, Yu Yiting finished 2:10.22, ranking eighth in total, qualified for the semifinals. The world record for this event is 2:06.12, and the Olympic record is 2:06.58.

Yu Yiting, who is under 16 years old, entered the Chinese swimming team in October 2020. In more than half a year, she broke the women's 200m individual medley world youth record twice: in the 2021 National Swimming Championships and Tokyo Olympic trials, she scored 2:09.88, rewriting the world youth record of 2:09.98 set by Japanese star Rikako Ikee in 2017. In the final, she raised the world youth record to 2:09. 64 seconds

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