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First rural "rejuvenation children's palace" of Zhejiang opens in Cixi

Recently, the first rural "rejuvenation children's palace" was put into use in Dianqiao Village of Changhe Town, Cixi County. As a public education and cultural service place for primary and secondary school students and preschool children in the rural area to carry out moral cultivation, sports and entertainment, labor practice and other activities, the rural "rejuvenation children's palace" will make use of the existing facilities and rely on voluntary service to actively provide children with conditions for happy growth and opportunities to realize their dreams.
In order to further improve and innovate the ideological and moral construction of rural children, at the end of last month, the Chinese Central Civilization Office deployed to carry out the construction of "rejuvenation children's palace" in rural areas. Cixi County has become one of the 50 pilot counties (or districts) in China.

Recently, based on the new era civilization practice station and existing facilities in Dianqiao Village, Cixi County has fully integrated resources and combined with its own characteristics to build a rural "rejuvenation children's palace", elaborately setting up a drama exhibition hall, a craft product exhibition hall, a straw hat weaving hall, and a three-sentence-and-a-half poem class. According to the characteristics of children's physical and mental development, the children's palace has set up such courses as calligraphy and painting cultivation, silk flower making, straw hat making, three-sentence-and-a-half poem learning, etc., covering the fields of moral education, literature and art, handicrafts and popular science. Dianqiao Village also invited intangible cultural heritage inheritors, retired teachers, college students and other volunteers to form a full-time and part-time teaching team to achieve the diversification of activities and the normalization of daily use.
Shi Yaxian, Secretary of the Party Cmmittee of Dianqiao Village, said, "Our ‘rejuvenation children's palace' implements free, open and compulsory teaching for all school and social teenagers. We will pay special attention to caring for children who have committed crimes, children from poor families and children of migrant workers, and provide them with a good environment for learning, growing up happily and realizing their dreams."
As is reported, Cixi Countyt will steadily promote the pilot construction of rural "rejuvenation children's palace at the levels of towns (streets), villages (communities), primary and secondary schools, and enterprises. By September this year, the first 20 civilization practice institutes (stations) of the new era and primary and secondary schools will be selected to build demonstrations and open to the public. By April next year, the construction of rural "rejuvenation children's palace" will be further promoted and achieve full coverage of services in the county

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