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Hot-running test of Phase 1 of Rail Transit Line No.5 launched

Ningbo Rail Transit announced on June 20 that the first phase of Ningbo Rail Transit Line No.5, the first fully automatically operated line in Zhejiang Province, officially started the hot-running test, after the key nodes of "rail transit" and "electric communication", laying a solid foundation for the opening and operation within this year.
The first phase of line No.5 is from Buzheng Station to Xingzhuang Road Station, with a total length of 27.9 km and 22 stations. At 9 am, the launching ceremony of the hot-running test was held at the Dayang River Station. Under the condition of normal power transmission of the line, the test relies on the self-operation of the metro train. With the three rounds of operations respectively at low speed, medium speed and high speed, it aims to comprehensively detect the power supply, signal, communication, route, electro-mechanical equipment and other system equipment of the line.
The first phase of the line No.5 is the first fully automatically operated metro line in the province, with many debugging scenes, a complex process and high technical standards. The smooth progress of the hot-running test node has laid a solid foundation for the later

joint commissioning and test. For the next step, Ningbo Rail Transit will, with the focus on such links as system commissioning and integrated joint commissioning, strive for perfection and make every endeavor to ensure that the target of opening to traffic can be achieved on schedule.
Since the first day of the construction, with the joint efforts of all participating parties, the project has focused on smooth progress, high quality and safe construction. The "rail connection" has been realized within 171 days, and the "electric connection" has been realized within 10 days after the "rail connection". The hot-running test started 10 days after that. As a result, the task has been completed 40 days ahead of schedule safely and efficiently, creating a historic speed of Ningbo Rail Transit project construction

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