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Ningbo attends 17th Strait Travel Fair

The 17th Strait Travel Fair was launched in Xiamen on the morning of June 18. As the guest of honor city of the fair, Ningbo endeavored to tell its stories in the forms of dance, opera and singing.
Ningbo, known as the "living fossil" of the ancient maritime Silk Road, is also the only entrance to the sea at the southern end of the Grand Canal in China. In recent years, Ningbo has made great efforts to build the tourism image of "smiling Ningbo: an ancient port along the maritime Silk Road" and actively promoted the tourism brand of "coming to the sea along the canal". It has formed four cultural tourism characteristic products, namely the maritime Silk Road culture, the bay customs, the marine Buddhism and the seafood delicacy, and four cultural tourism temperament connotations, namely the porcelain charm, the tea charm, the Zen charm and the sail charm.
As a guest of honor city, Ningbo highlights the regional cultural elements of "maritime Silk Road + canal", including the secret color porcelain of Shanglin lake, ancient building model of the Baoguo Temple, "three gold and one inlay" national intangible cultural heritage skills and special local food, and launches a special tourism route specially prepared for the citizens of Xiamen

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