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Ningbo Tea Expo held

China (Ningbo) Tea Expo was started in Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center on May 29. More than 300 tea companies, tea utensils suppliers and handicraft manufacturers in Ningbo and from all over the country participated in the exhibition.
The exhibition hall of the expo is located in Hall No.1, Hall No. 5 and Hall No.6 of the International Conference and Exhibition Center, with a total of more than 400 booths, covering the whole industry chain of the tea industry. More than 10,000 kinds of products were exhibited, including green tea, white tea, black tea, green tea, herbal tea, clay teapots, ceramics, tea ware, cultural handicrafts, tea furniture, and calligraphy and painting.
The expo will continue until June 1, during which the wonderful tea cultural events include the public welfare experience of the traditional Chinese flower arranging, the public service experience of the tea-making style of Song Dynasty, the Taetea  contest, the high-end tasting meeting and so on. According to the staff of the Organizing Committee of the expo, there are also wonderful activities such as pot throwing, treasure hunting in tea gardens and various forms of "check-in activities", all of which are looking forward to the

participation of the general public

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