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Comprehensive Promotion of Annual Tickets for Ningbo Parks (Scenic Spots)

During the one-year validity period, you can visit 38 scenic spots and parks in Ningbo for unlimited times. 31 theaters in the city provide special ticket rights. You can enjoy preferential prices for visiting scenic spots such as Xikou, Dapeng Mountain, Xiangshan Film and Television City and Sanjiang Cruise...Yesterday morning, Ningbo Park (Scenic area) Annual tickets are fully promoted, and citizens can "tour to Ningbo" with an annual ticket in the future.

The Ningbo Parks (Scenic Spots) Annual Ticket Benefiting Action is a key project to benefit the people this year in Ningbo. It mainly uses digital means to promote the deep integration of the cultural and tourism industry and stimulate cultural tourism consumption. The annual ticket issued this time combines the functions of annual travel ticket, scenic spot package and cultural services. It is different from traditional paper tickets. It uses digital technology and modern financial means. Users can purchase tickets on their mobile phones

through real-name authentication. Enter the park and play.

It is understood that the electronic version of the annual pass will be sold directly on the WeChat public account of "Cultural Travel Life Home" and the "Yonggonghui" APP. In addition, it will also be targeted by labor unions at all levels, education, civil affairs, health, cultural, broadcasting and tourism departments. Distribute, and strive to achieve full coverage of employees of government agencies, state-owned enterprises and institutions, high-level talents, and people in need.

The total value of a single ticket for the Ningbo Park (Scenic Area) annual ticket reaches 995 yuan. The price of the ordinary citizen card issued in the market is 199 yuan/piece; the grass-roots trade union can use the membership fee to purchase it for members, and the price of the exclusive special card for union members is 99 yuan/ Zhang. It is reported that a total of 1 million Huimin annual tickets have been issued this time, and the total amount of Huimin has reached 100 million yuan

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