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Season for thunder bamboo shoots

After several consecutive spring rains, in the dense bamboo forest, the thunder bamboo shoots awoke from the "hibernation" and broke out of the ground. In the past few days, Datian thunder bamboo shoots have been in the market, kicking off the annual spring bamboo shoots season.  

In Xikou Town, the "Hometown of Thunder Bamboo in China", farmers carried hoes and went up the mountain to dig thunder bamboo shoots. Xikou is the hometown of thunder bamboo in China. The planting area of thunder bamboo in more than 20 villages is more than 40,000 mu. Some of the freshly mined thunder bamboo shoots were sent to the market immediately with dew.   

The Datian thunder bamboo shoots moistened by spring rain are produced in large quantities, and the price is affordable too. A farmer can dig nearly a hundred catties in half a day. It was seen at the Zhonggongmiao Market in Yinzhou on March 22 that the retail price of Datian thunder bamboo shoots was only about 7 yuan per kilogram. In Xikou, the current wholesale price was about 3 yuan per kilogram.

The massive production of Datian thunder bamboo shoots also indicates the coming of the busy bamboo shoot processing season. The person in charge of the Zhongyinlong Bamboo Shoots Professional Cooperative in Xiaoxi'ao Village said that recently there has been enough rains and the bamboo shoots in Datian have grew very quickly. They are tender and have good quality. "This year the cooperative introduced a new automated production line for braised bamboo shoots, which can process tens of thousands of catties of bamboo shoots every day."  

It is reported that the annual output of thunder bamboo shoots in Fenghua is about 60,000 tons, of which Datian thunder bamboo shoots is the "main force" and an important source of income for the mountainous farmers. In Kangling Village by Shanxi River, Shimen, Yantou and other villages at the foot of Dalei Mountain, some farmers can’t wait to set up stoves and start braising bamboo shoots with oil and cooking mutton tail bamboo shoots. At the end of the month, Xikou in the peach blossoms will be immersed in the thick fragrance of bamboo shoots. This is the happy taste of the land of thunder bamboo in spring

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