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Ningbo to build 2,000km of greenways by 2025

Yesterday, news said that Ningbo plans to complete 140 kilometres of various greenways this year, counting 66 new greenway projects in 2021. By 2025 the city will have built 2,000 kilometres of greenways, making full use of them to link natural, historical and humanistic resources along the route, giving the city a new lease of life.

 In recent years, Ningbo has been vigorously promoting the construction of greenways, linking the landscape and humanities, and serving the public for leisure and recreation. At present, the city’s greenway construction has entered into the fast track with the total mileage of various types of greenways at all levels exceeding 1400 kilometres. It has created a number of boutique greenways and four greenways have been rated Zhejiang’s most beautiful greenway”. At the same time, the “greenway+” development model helps drive the development of the whole area of tourism, release the potential of the city, improve the city’s taste and the quality of life of the people. A greenway has become a sightseeing path, fitness path, happiness path, so that the city integration of more ecological texture, the public to enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

 This year some of the boutique greenway under construction are: park greenway - joy coast ecological sports park project. The project is located north of Yinxian Avenue, south of Siming West Road, west of Fenghua River, is the provincial greenway No. 6 mainline project, Yinzhou District, an important part of the expansion and upgrading of the six banks of the three rivers, the choice of Ningbo Maritime Silk Road cultural sites, a total land area of 183,000 square meters, the length of the greenway is about 2.1 kilometres, is a collection of ecological art, cultural corridors, leisure and sports in one of the urban ecological riverfront park greenway. Along the road (traffic) greenway - greenway project on both sides of the East Ring Road. The project is located on both sides of the East Ring Road of National Highway G228 in Fenghua District, from Yincheng Avenue in the north to Yuelin East Road in the south, with a total length of about 12.14 kilometres and a total area of about 584,600 square metres. The landscape design of the road on both sides of the East Ring Road connects the space under the bridge, following the flowering plant species featured in the isolation zone, while matching different seasonal landscape plants, strengthening the interspersed on the basis of the original plants, increasing evergreen and characteristic tree species, enriching the plant season to increase the landscape features, and creating a special ecological corridor in Fenghua. Along the mountain greenway - Longxi Village Yantouling trail upgrading project. The project is located in Longxi Village, Luting Township, Yuyao City, with a length of about 1.8 km and a base area of about 62,000 square metres. The renovation covers the original ancient path paving repair, plant landscape pruning, additional resting platforms along the mountain, signage system improvement, etc. The trail upgrading project is expected to be completed by the end of the year, which will give full play to its unique ecological resources and show the public the beauty of harmony and health of man and nature

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