2020 “Literature and Art, Keeping Pace with the New Era” Activity kicks off

Category: Ningbo News
Published: Friday, 09 October 2020 15:06

On the evening of September 27, Ningbo Excellent Original Opera Exhibition, the opening ceremony of 2020 “Art and Literature, Keeping Pace with the New Era” activity, was held in Ningbo Yifu Theatre. The activity was hosted by Ningbo Literature and Art Association and sponsored by Ningbo Dramatists Association.

As a brand activity of Ningbo Literature and Art Association, “Art and Literature, Keeping Pace with the New Era” activity has been successfully held for four years, since 2016. This year’s activity is to contain 38 events, covering all artistic disciplines.

The Excellent Original Opera Exhibition was the first show of the activity. In order to collect high quality scripts, Ningbo Dramatists Association started preparations at the beginning of the year and has organized a creation team covering all ages. The team

includes famous playwrights Wang Xinhou and Sun Yangfang, young writers Ma Min, Ma Lingshan and Liu Xiaobo, and a number of active playwrights. A total of thirteen original short play scripts were collected and four of them were selected for the exhibition, showing the elegance of different types of plays such as Ningbo Opera, Yuyao Opera, Shaoxing Opera and Ninghai Opera.

In recent years, there has been shortages of play scripts and playwrights in the opera area. The Excellent Original Opera Exhibition was a training activity for senior artists to teach young playwrights. The Excellent Original Opera Exhibition Awards were also presented on the spot