National intangible cultural heritage folk art week opens on Oct 9 in Ningbo

Category: Ningbo News
Published: Friday, 09 October 2020 15:04

At the press conference of the National intangible Folk Arts Week held on September 27, the authority announced that the 2020 National Intangible Folk Arts Week will be held in Ningbo from October 9 to 14, with the theme of "integrating into modern life and promoting the values of the times". The biggest highlight is that it will be held both online and offline, and for the first time, 258 outstanding programs from 127 representative national-level intangible cultural opera projects will be gathered together and live-streamed on an online platform.

 This year's National Intangible Folk Art Week is organized by the Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Department of Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Department of Culture and Tourism of Zhejiang Province, and Ningbo Municipal Government.

 "Full online coverage" is a highlight of the event. From October 5, 258 outstanding programs will be broadcasted online on the official website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, China Intangible Cultural Heritage Network,, Youku, Kuaishou, Ningju and other platforms, enhancing the sense of participation and experience online and offline by opening a folk art map, H5 and so on. The opening ceremony will also use 5G+VR panoramic live broadcast on multiple platforms.

 The "offline activities" of this year's National Intangible Cultural Heritage Folk Art Week will also be brilliant. The opening ceremony strives to showcase the famous pieces of the national intangible opera, inviting classical opera such as Beijing Pingshu, Shandong Qinshu and calligraphy, and Suzhou traditional opera to participate in the show