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Home for High-speed Trains to be completed by 2022 in Ningbo

It is learned from Ningbo Railway Construction Office that the construction of the “home for high-speed trains” in Ningbo will be completed by the end of 2022. Upon completion, Ningbo will increase the number of trains and consolidate its position as a railway hub of the national railway network. 

The home for high-speed trains will serve as a kind a railway infrastructure for the preparation and maintenance of the high-speed train sets, according the deputy director of Ningbo Railway Office. Currently, the only one home for high-speed trains of Zhejiang Province has been built in Hangzhou. Ningbo will be the second city in the province to have such a home for high-speed trains.

According to the deputy director, the home for high-speed trains aims to provide more convenience for traffic. At present, there are about 250 high-speed train sets running at Ningbo Railway Station, but with only 37 starting trains, mainly due to the lack of such a

“home” for high-speed trains. When the home is built, there will be more starting trains. It is estimated that by 2035, there will be 180 starting trains or so every day, several times that of the present number.

Reportedly, the home will be located at Qiuga Town and Wuxiang Town, covering an area of 976 mu (as large as 90 soccer fields), with the total investment of about 3.36 billion yuan. In the short run, the project will include a 6-line inspection storehouse and 24 train storage lines. Then in the long run, a 4-line inspection storehouse and 16 more train storage lines will be added.

In 2015, China Railway Corporation agreed to the inclusion of this high-speed train project into the Jinhua-Ningbo Railway project. As of September 16, about 33,000 cubic meters of earth had been transported and about 50,000 cubic meters of sand had been laid in the area. More than 90,000 plastic drainage plates had been installed, as well as 1,460 one-way cement mixing piles, 1,279 two-way mixing piles, and 182 high-pressure rotary spray piles. According to the design of the construction plan, the project and all the involving lines will be completed at the end of 2022.

Besides, news has also come for the Jinhua-Ningbo Railway project. So far, over 50% of the section of Qianshiyan Tunnel (14.68 kilometers long with 7 kilometers in Ningbo), the longest tunnel of this project, in Ningbo, will be completed by the end of this year. Then over 15% of the Baocun Tunnel (10.36 kilometers long, all in Ningbo), the second longest tunnel of the project, will be completed by the end of this year

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