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Natural Stage Weekend Theater presents excellent performance

The performance scene of the youth version of Yue Opera "Meng Lijun". (Photo by Zhou Jianping)

As the familiar Yue Opera music sounded again, Yue Opera "Meng Lijun" was performed on the Natural Stage the night before. The wonderful singing and performance of the outstanding young actors of Ningbo Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe won the warm applause of the audience and the atmosphere was quite warm.

In order to improve the cultural quality of the city, cultivate the literary literacy of the citizens, and meet the diverse and multi-level cultural needs of the audience, Natural Stage has launched a weekend theater this year. Starting from July 11, it will stage wonderful dramas every Saturday to enrich citizens’ cultural life. From the Yong opera "The Scrooge" to the youth version of Yue opera "Qin Xianglian", the children's drama "Little Hedgehog's Gift", etc., Natural Stage has launched a "low ticket

price, high quality" to benefit the people. The audience only needs to spend a minimum of 10 yuan, then they can appreciate the high-quality repertoires performed by Ningbo Yong Opera Troupe, Ningbo Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe, and City Opera Troupe (Haishu District Drama Center).

In recent years, Ningbo Performing Arts Group has followed the principle of "cultivating actors, producing dramas, and making benefits", and has taken training and enhancing the strength of young opera actors as its focus. Since 2016, it has created and arranged fine productions such as Yue Opera "Mingzhou Women's King" and Yong Opera "Building Dreams", "Dragon and Phoenix Cup", "Thunderstorm", and "Medicine Street". The group's young opera actors play the main role. When these operas are promoted in the market, they have obtained good box office income and market reputation, and the acting skills of young actors have also been continuously improved in the performance

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