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Old Bund selected as national pilot for transformation and upgrading of pedestrian streets

At the press conference for the pedestrian street transformation and upgrading work held on July 22, the Vice-minister of the Ministry of Commerce announced the list of the 12 national pilot pedestrian streets, and the Old Bund area was selected as one of them. This is the second round of the list for the transformation and upgrading work. Then what kind of changes will take place in the renovation?

According to the preliminary planning, the upgraded Old Bund block will cover an area of 22 hectares, with the Xinjiang Bridge to the south, the Yongjiang River to the east, the Baisha Park to the north and the Renmin Road to the west, and the main street will be 1,640 meters long. As to the spatial layout, the Ningbo Art

Gallery will be the spatial, cultural and spiritual core of the Old Bund, the riverside area will be built as a business belt, and the parts of the urban landscapes of the Old Bund Park, the cultural and business landscapes, the water scenes of the Yongjiang River, the surrounding traffic and the business circle around the area will serve as the extension axis of the block.

By taking advantage of the riverside space and the remains of the berth, the Old Bund block took the initiative to reform the abandoned berth along the Yongjiang River and to build a riverside block pattern. Meanwhile, it will build the five functional zones for bar leisure and quality catering, composite cultural space, underground park shopping, art-creative theme retail, and marine financial theme block respectively, and enjoy the differentiated development model.

The core feature of the national characteristic business block is the richness of the industrial patterns. In accordance with the development orientation of the Old Bund block, the existing industrial patterns will be strengthened and new industrial patterns will be introduced, to further strengthen and enrich the connotation of the pedestrian street of the Old Bund, with the six kinds of industrial patterns featuring high-end catering, bar leisure, culture and art, fashion, quality life and Ningbo theme. “Every kind of industrial pattern will be related to a part of the block, and meanwhile the related industrial patterns will be developed in a flexible way to strengthen the functional orientation and the feasibility of business attraction of the buildings.” said a person in charge from Jiangbei District Bureau of Commerce.

According to the planning, the People’s Square area will also be included for the development of the block, with the underground passage connecting the Old Bund and the Greenland Center. The Old Bund block will be connected with the Greenland Center, the Raffles Square, the Diamond Plaza, the Y-town, and the Lujin New World Plaza, and integrates the surrounding business resources to become a true “business card” of consumption in Ningbo

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