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Ningbo Library popular among citizens

With the coming of the summer vacation, Ningbo Library has become an ideal place for many citizens. Statistics show that by 5pm, July 20, the newly re-opened (from July 1) new venue of Ningbo Library and the Yongfeng branch of the library received 41,000 visits, with the daily visit volume of 2,000. Among others, the new venue received about 2,000 visits per day during the weekends and the Yongfeng branch, about 1,000 visits. Over the past 20 days, the volume of borrowed and returned books has exceeded 110,000.

There is now a central self-service lending area with the self-service disinfection equipment for books. The books go through the disinfection machine before they go

to the readers and will undergo the unified disinfection after they are returned to the library. The seats inside the library are re-organized so that the readers can sit and read in a very safe environment.

Since the beginning of this year, the library has carried out a series of online lectures. From July 26, the “Tianyi Reading” action will launch the new “poem reading” activity and will carry out the live handwork classes for people during the summer vacation on a regular basis

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