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A new bookstore opens in Eastern New Town

Ningbo Reading Center for Staff , the first reading space of this kind located in the Eastern New Town, was officially opened to the public on July 5, adding a ray of cultural ambience to the city.

Located on the first floor of the West Building of May 1 Square, the Yue-Read Museum is comprised of the Ningbo Workers’ Cultural Palace, Ningbo Xinhua Bookstore Group, Ningbo Library, the Cooperated and operated by Ningbo Publishing House, it covers an area of more than 1,800 square meters and is divided into two branches: Xinhua Bookstore and Ningbo Library’s May Day Branch. With a collection of nearly 50,000 books and volumes, it is the city’s largest collection of books,

cultural exchange and art experience. It is a good place for employees and readers to read leisurely and enjoy the elegant spiritual and cultural feast.

The first floor, with the concept of “Bookstore of Eastern New Town”, is mainly an area for books on humanities and social sciences, literature and student teaching aids. It has a casual reading area, a book listening and sharing area, and a small book sharing session. The second floor is a reading world for children, with children’s picture books, children’s famous books to read, as well as craft, painting, science and other kinds of books. After work, employees can spend happy parent-child time here.

During the opening period, Yue-Reading House launched a series of colorful activities with the theme of “Joyful Heart, Joyful Mind, Joyful Spirit, Readable, Relatable, Learnable and Close”. The cultural activities.On June 28th, the Ningbo Workfare App served as a pre-opening and welfare activity offering for the employees. On the opening day, lectures on the beauty of Ningbo’s traditional villages, a sharing session on Sister Haitang’s picture book stories, and a reading sharing session with famous authors were also held. In the following weekends, various cultural activities will be held to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the employees

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