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Ningbo Botanical Garden caters to tourism needs

Ningbo Botanical Garden, the first phase opening in 2016, centering around flower viewing and planting experience, worked to develop “flower and fruit tour”. The third “fruit tomatoes” festival held before the “May Day Festival” provided colorful and various tomatoes which attracted tourists’ interest. And some new varieties launched by vegetable cooperatives and tomato growers were sold across the country via livestreaming during the “May Day” holiday.

In 2020 “May Day Festival”, Ningbo Botanical Garden held many activities themed “intoxicating beauty in May Day”, such as appreciating delicious food, delicate things and picturesque sceneries, and guiding citizens and tourists to seek for and enjoy the spring. At Gate 3, the five-day fair was a meeting of a wide range of local snacks, famous specialties and handmade cultural products. In the water restaurant, “Land and Water” yoga performance allowed people to relax in the nature - running water, sunlight, flowers, plants, breeze, paddle boarding.

In recent years, Zhenhai District, relying on the abundant agricultural tourism resources, have made efforts to develop rural tourism. During the holiday of 2020 “May Day Festival”, tourist attractions and rural tourism spots in Zhenhai launched a series of experience activities for agricultural tourism to meet tourists’ needs to enjoy flowers, taste fruits and discover leisure in Spring

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