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Ningbo to be smarter in 2020

Ensure the cumulative completion of more than 6,000 5G base stations and strive to reach 10,000; explore to form a new model of urban smart governance and promote the modernization of the urban governance capabilities… Recently, Ningbo Municipal Economic and Information Technology Bureau has released the main points of the construction of the new smart city in 2020. According to the plan, Ningbo will work hard to build a smarter city by improving the intelligent interconnection of infrastructure, sharing and utilization of urban big data, the accuracy of social governance, the efficiency and convenience of services, and the innovation integration of the digital economy.

Compared with previous years, the building of the new smart city in 2020 will focus more on the new infrastructure construction and urban brain construction, both with 5G as their core.

For the new infrastructure construction, Ningbo will promote the establishment of boutique 5G network: promote the commercial scale of 5G network, speeding up the scenarized deployment of 5G network in the main urban areas, key industrial parks,

ports, tourist areas and other areas on demand,; reinforce the deployment of the next IPv6-based generation, focusing on promoting the application in the government, education, media, finance and other areas; accelerate the construction of Zhejiang (Ningbo) Data Center of National Beidou Navigation Location Based Service.

For urban brain construction, Ningbo will achieve a further deep integration of the application of a new generation of information technology in the social governance, ecological environment, economic operation, market supervision, and security prevention and control, to make Ningbo more intellectualized and coordinated, explore a new model of urban intelligent governance and promote the modernization of urban governance capabilities. Also, Ningbo will improve the quality of government services with an online acceptance rate of more than 80%, simplifying the procedure. Ningbo will work hard to establish a big data center, to further improve the cloud computing support capacity of government affairs with 20,000 items of public data directories and effectively share the data of government affairs and public services.

“President Xi said in Zhejiang, to modernize the national governance system and capabilities, urban governance system and capabilities modernization is of great importance. The application of big data, cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies innovate urban management means, models and concepts. From digitalization to intellectualization to wisdom, make the city smarter and wiser is the only path to promote the modernization of urban governance system and capabilities and is with a broad prospect.” The officer of Ningbo Municipal Economic and Information Technology Bureau said, Ningbo will speed up the upgrading of the information infrastructure, the improvement of the supply of data resources, the in-depth application of smart governance, broad coverage of smart services, and the innovative development of integration of industry and application to ensure that the city's smart city construction level continues to lead the country and make progress in the modernization of urban governance capability and high-quality economic and social development

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