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Comprehensive participation rate for art popularity in Ningbo exceeds 77%

On the evening of April 22, the Ala Modern Orchestra held a live show on the Douyin platform, bringing the public a fresh online concert experience. This is just one example of the “art for people” cloud services of Ningbo Cultural Station in exploring the new models for public cultural services. The activities concerned have been working on Ningbo’s pilot area for art popularity. So far, the comprehensive participation rate for the art popularization among all citizens in Ningbo has exceeded 77%.

According to a survey by a third party, the “viewing” activities for the “art for people” campaign is as high as 76.47%, and the rates of the activities that fall into the categories of “training”, “cultural and artistic groups” and “cultural and artistic composition” have also increased a lot, demonstrating the successful achievement of the cultural popularization work over the past couple of years.

It is on August 8, 2016 that Ningbo launched the art popularization project with the theme of “art for people”. And in December that year

, the general objective was set, that is, by the end of 2020, the comprehensive participation rate for art popularization in Ningbo will exceed 80%.

According to the objective, over 80% of the total population of Ningbo will be able to recognize or master a piece of art within five years.

The art popularization project has innovatively proposed the four major tasks of art knowledge popularization, art appreciation popularization, technique or skill popularization and art activity popularization, and two special tasks of art popularization among primary and secondary school students and support of special groups. This “4 +2” system has served as the major framework and base of the art popularization campaign. In the process, a “Ningbo model” has been developed, featuring high-level leading designs, high-level structure led by governments, and the multi-mechanism-based high efficiency. This campaign, with the objective of sharing cultural benefits among all the citizens, has become an important part of Ningbo’s urban culture construction in recent years.

The comprehensive participation rate refers to the proportion of the people participating in the art popularization activities in the city through various channels and various means (training, composition, exhibition, communication and other activities). “By the end of 2019, the survey statistics show that Ningbo's comprehensive participation rate for the popularization of art has reached 77%, exceeding the medium-term target and ahead of the whole country”, said Ji Yunfei, Director of Ningbo Cultural Center.

The high participation rate not only shows the richness of the local citizens’ cultural life, but also points to the attraction of various kinds of cultural and artistic activities conducted for the citizens, as well as their enthusiasm in participating in such activities

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