Construction of 4 cross-river bridges in Ningbo goes further

Category: Ningbo News
Published: Monday, 20 April 2020 17:21

Three construction projects of Zhongxing Bridge including the ancillary part, bridge approaching and ground work have kicked off, forming a three-dimensional construction process. At present, the work of steel guardrails has been finished, and the paving of asphalt on the ground and bridge face is underway.

“We have overcome the shortage of construction materials, medical supplies and construction personnel, and the construction now goes well. The whole project is scheduled to finish by the end of June 2020, with the exception of some areas to be demolished,” said responsible person of the project.

The construction of Zhongxing Bridge reflects the overall projects of bridges across the river in the central city. The building of Sanguantang Bridge, Xihong Bridge and Xindian Bridge with most public concern are also underway.

At present, the wiring of the north and south part of Sanguantang bridge has been completed and inspected, marking a full completion of the main steel structure and the connection of the middle span. Now the remaining project is underway, with a rapid promotion in the conversion of main bridge internal force system, the building of the cast-in-situ concrete girder of the two sides, bridgehead, management and ancillary works. The bridge is expected to open fully to the public by the end of September.

Xindian Bridge and the connecting project begin at Yinfeng Road in the west and end at Ningnan North Road in the east, with a total length of 1310 meters. It has two-way four lanes, non-motorized lanes and sidewalks, serving as an important cross-river channel connecting Haishu and Yinzhou districts. Currently the pile foundation of the side bridge of Xindian bridge in Yinzhou district has been 90%, with a steady progress in the construction of the bearing platform. The large gantry crane needed for the superstructure installation have been delivered to the construction site. According to the plan, all the pile foundation construction and the installation of large gantry cranes will be completed by the end of June 2020. The construction of tire frame on the bridge shore will be completed  By the end of December, and then the assembling of steel box girder will kick off.

Xihong Bridge and its wiring project start at Haishu district in the south and end at Jiangbei district in the south, with a total length about 4500 meters and including two interchanges, two parallel ramps and one cross river bridge(Xihong Bridge). It is the first double-deck bridge in Ningbo with the double steel truss beam stretching over 138 meters. Construction began at the end of May 2019 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022. At present, the construction of cofferdam on the main pier of Xihong Bridge has been completed ahead of schedule, and the land demolition work has been cleared.

“We demand all construction units to negotiate with each other to assess and evaluate the project and plan. We plan to improve related projects, add more staff and machines and carry out dynamic management of the project. In doing so, we want to ensure the success of the annual construction target of cross-river bridge,” said the responsible person of the authority