280 cultural and tourist events to be held in Ningbo

Category: Ningbo News
Published: Monday, 20 April 2020 17:12

Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio & TV, Press & Publication, and Tourism issued the list of the 2020 major cultural and tourist festival events in Ningbo on the afternoon of April 9. According to the list, there will be a total of 280 events this year, providing great chances for the citizens and tourists to get close to the nature and gain some relaxation from work.

With the support and guidance of the municipal bureau, the cultural and tourism departments and culture & tourism enterprises in Ningbo have taken up their

responsibilities. Based on the local tourist resources, they have given full play to the advantages of cultural and tourism integration and carefully designed activities and events. To be specific, there will be 36 food festival activities, 44 picking festival activities, 32 flower-watching festival activities, 55 folk festival activities, 19 music festival activities, 15 health-care festival activities, 51 sports and leisure festival activities and 28 countryside, exhibition or night tour activities.

Reportedly, with such themes as marine silk road culture, Buddhism, bay style and seafood, the major cultural and tourist festival events will be combined with the typical tourist routes of Ningbo, for the tourists to enjoy the beauty of the four seasons. In spring, the tourist event of Xikou Town of Fenghua County and that of the Dongqian Lake will the carried out. In summer, citizens and tourists can enjoy the happy life at the Tuci Town of Xiangshan County or the summer camp at the Tiangong Farmstead. In autumn, the theme activities of the Tianyi Pavilion Museum and the Moon Lake area will attract people’s eyes. And in winter, the “Hotpot Festival” of Nanyuan Hotel will bring warmth to tourists