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Three events of Ningbo rank among top 100 marathon events in China

The list of the “most influential marathon events in China in 2019” was jointly released on April 7 by the People’s Sports and People’s Public Opinion Data Center, and this is the fifth year in a row for the release of such an annual list. According to the list of the top 100 marathon events, the Beijing Marathon Race, the Xiameng Marathon Race and the Guangzhou Marathon Race are the top three, and the Hangzhou Marathon Race ranks No.5, the highest ranking for cities in Zhejiang Province. Three events of Ningbo are shortlisted, namely, the Ningbo International Marathon Race, the Jiulong Lake (Ningbo) International Half-marathon Race, and the Ningbo Mountain Marathon Race.

The candidate events for the list are all Class-A or Class-B events certified by the Chinese Athletics Association. Together with the top 100 events of the 2018 list, the number of this year’s candidates exceeded 300. Reportedly, based on the previous lists, this year’s assessment indicators and scoring system have been optimized. The first-level indicators include the professionality of the event, the media recognition and the public recognition, and there are over 30 second-level or third-level indicators.

The “2019 marathon report” released in the meantime is a kind of big-data product based on the list. The report summarizes the development of China’s marathon events in 2019 from the five aspects of population map, event image, event characteristics, development trend and the outlook of the events after the outbreak of the epidemic, and analyzes the future development situation of the field.

According to the data, in terms of the age distribution of the marathon event followers, 47.7% of them are at the age group of 20 to 29 years old, showing that the followers are relatively young. Meanwhile, in terms of different genders, about 70% of the Wechat followers of the marathon events are male.

In terms of the general image of the events, 355 marathon Class-A or Class-B events certified by the Chinese Athletics Association were held nationwide in 2019. According to the report, the events were reported mainly at such media platforms as the comprehensive news sites, forums, blogs, newspapers, microblogs, WeChat and related APPs. As for the regional all-media concentration, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province and Guangdong Province rank among the top three, which are also the top three provinces with the largest number of marathon events.

Currently, the marathon race is more a demonstration of the healthy and active life attitude than a single sport. The large scale of participants, the diversified organization and participation ways and the brand-new technologies have helped to explore a new market for the marathon races, which has in turn promoted the consumption upgrading and the development of the related industries

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