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A new round of three-year renovation plan starts in Ningbo

Recently it is learned from the Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology that Ningbo has launched a new round of three-year major renovation plan. In the next three years, Ningbo will build 100 new digital workshops (smart factories), add more than 10,000 industrial robots, cultivate more than 100 "5G + Industrial Internet" pilot demonstration enterprises, and promote more than 10 smart manufacturing applications in subdivided fields.

At present, intelligent manufacturing has become the key strategy for the transformation and upgrading of Ningbo's manufacturing industry and the acceleration of high-quality development. In 2017, our city launched a three-year action plan for technological transformation of enterprises, which has achieved remarkable results. A group of enterprises have become the backbone of "Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing". Data show that up to now, there are 8,993 industrial and commercial enterprises in the city that have implemented automation and intelligent transformation projects, of which 8,770 have been completed. The production efficiency of completed projects has increased by an average of 63.7%, and the operating costs of enterprises have decreased by an average of 21.7%.

At the same time, in combination with the "246" trillion-trillion industry cluster development goal, our city will focus on promoting green petrochemical, automotive, textile and apparel, home appliances, high-end equipment, instrumentation, biomedicine and other industries to accelerate intelligent transformation and upgrading, and encourage districts, counties (cities) to explore the development model of intelligent transformation of industries with unique characteristics. For example, Haishu focuses on the textile and apparel industry, Jiangbei focuses on the instrumentation industry, Beilun focuses on the high-end equipment industry, and Yinzhou focuses on the intelligent transformation of the home appliance (air conditioning) industry.

"Accelerating the advancement of intelligent manufacturing is inseparable from a good ecology." The person in charge said that in the next three years, the city will accelerate the cultivation of a group of outstanding suppliers of intelligent manufacturing system solutions and promote the rapid development of industrial software and big data industries

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