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Korean tourist delegation visited Zhenhai

November 12 is the first day for the opening of the scheduled international flight between Ningbo and Seoul. At about10, after about two hours of flying, more than 100 passengers from South Korea arrived in Ningbo, and started their visit of Zhenhai District.
China and South Korea are neighbors, and Ningbo has a long history of relationship with South Korea. According to Zhenhai District Bureau of Culture, Radio, Movie, TV and Sports, Zhenhai area used to be a starting port of the Marine Silk Road during the Tang and Song Dynasties, and it has been the very place for the ambassadors and business ships to enter Ningbo from Korea, Japan and other southeast Asian countries since the Tang Dynasty. In 2018, Ningbo received 840,100 foreign tourists, and South Korea ranked No.3 among the top ten source countries of the tourists. A large number of South Korean tourists visited Ningbo and brought back with them beautiful "Ningbo impressions".

On November 12, the tourist delegation, made up of high-quality tourist agency representatives, prominent artists and experienced travelers, started their visit of the Zhenhai District. In the following three to four days, the delegation will visit the Zhengs' Former Residence, the Ningbobang Museum and the Jiulong Lake Tourist Resort. While experiencing in person the beautiful landscape and unique cultural charm of the area, the travelers will record the unique scenery with their cameras and words

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