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2nd Zhejiang Dance Show held in Ningbo

The 2nd Zhejiang Dance Show was held at Ningbo Cultural Poly Grand Theater on the evening of September 9, presenting a wonderful dancing feast to the audience.

The dance show is jointly sponsored by Zhejiang Provincial Dancers Association and Ningbo Literary Federation, and undertaken by Ningbo Dancers Association. The show will last for two days, and the 38 dancing works are selected out of the 64 works signed up for the show. Participating in the show are such professional literary and artistic groups as Zhejiang Song & Dance Theatre, Hangzhou Opera and Dance Theatre, and Ningbo Song & Dance

Theatre, such colleges or universities as Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, the Music College of Zhejiang Normal University, and Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art, as well as such local groups as Wencheng County Cultural Station, Hengdian Studio Art Group and Zhoushan Dancers Association.

Three dancing works from Ningbo Song & Dance Theater group  are selected for the show, including "cutting paper for window on a sunny day", a solo dance displaying the folk custom of paper cutting of the eastern Zhejiang Province, and two group dances, one telling the story of Wang Xizhi, the famous ancient Chinese calligrapher, and the other telling the story of Zhang Renya, the "guardian of the Party Constitution", both newly composed dancing works in 2019 based on the local culture. Besides, the dancing works of Jiangbei District Dancers Association and the Literary Federation of Yunlong Town of Yinzhou District have been included in the shortlist of the show.

Reportedly, Zhejiang Provincial Dancers Association have arranged several on-the-spot art collection activities in recent years, and organized expert teams to provide guidance to the dancing works with large space for improvement and good prospects. The dance show, held every two years, is a good occasion for the accumulation and exhibition of the new dancing works of the province

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