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Calligraphy exhibition held at 117 Art Center

A special calligraphy exhibition, with the works of 70 people, was held at the 117 Art Center on August 21, as a celebration activity for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the new China. The 70 composers of the exhibits are all trainees or leading teachers from the Hu Zhaoxia’s Calligraphy Studio.

The exhibits are in the different forms like scroll, couplets, square paper with inscriptions, calligraphy on fans, etc. In different styles of calligraphy like the official script, the regular script, the seal-character script, the running-hand script and the rapid cursive style, the works are composed by calligraphy trainees or teachers with their ages ranging from five to over 70.

In 2016, Ningbo took the lead in China in launching the “one art for one person” popularizing program. Then in December the same year, Ningbo Cultural Center established 18 calligraphy popularization stations in the 10 districts or counties in Ningbo, marking the launching of the full-covering popularization activity of the Chinese calligraphy art.

The calligraphy studio of Hu Zhaoxia, a famous calligrapher in Ningbo, has then undertaken the task of popularize and pass down the traditional calligraphy art. Led by Hu Zhaoxia, his team has been carrying out the training programs at the 18 stations. Over the past two years, the “one art for one person” calligraphy popularization program has benefited over 10,000 trainees of the city, with the teaching and training efforts of leading calligraphers of the training team

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