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First “5G Space” makes its debut in Ningbo

On the morning of August 17, the “5G Experience Space” jointly built by the Ningbo branch of China Mobile and Ningbo Library was officially open to the public, attracting about a hundred citizens for the experience of the 5G reading. With the 5G network of the space, the 5G mobile phones can have a download speed of up to 1.2GB per second, and the non-5G mobile phones can also have access to the WIFI signals converted from the 5G signals for the trial use of the “5G speed”. The 5G applications provided by the space include the 5G + AR reading, the 5G + intelligent writing system, the 5G + VR popular science “treasure box”, and the 5G + VR amphitheater performance.

With the AR reading glasses, the Hemudu Site and the Drum Tower on the book can become alive, making it a kind of “3D video-audio book”. When one writes on the pad, the mechanical arm can stimulate the writing moves with the AI calculation and thus “copy” the writing on the paper. The “5G + VR treasure box of popular science”, with the size of a suitcase, integrates over 100 kinds of popular science courses in such fields as astronomy and geography, providing one with the necessary knowledge whenever and wherever in need.

Reportedly, in May this year, the Ningbo branch of China Mobile reached a strategic cooperation with Ningbo Library, planning to promote the “5G + intelligent library” construction

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