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Jingdezhen Ceramic Art Exhibition Held in Ningbo

Blue and White Master Xu Jiaqing are painting on the site

Recently, Jingdezhen Professor·Master Ceramic Art Exhibition was held at the 117 Art Center of Ningbo Cultural Center. On the afternoon of August 14th, Xu Jiaqing, a master of blue and white skills in Jiangxi Province, came to Ningbo to exchange and interact with the ceramic lovers of the city, and to guide everyone in the art of pottery painting.

“Jingdezhen is a famous pottery capital of China in both ancient and modern times. Thanks to the innovation of the past centuries, it has produced ceramic art masters one generation after another.” According to curator

Miao Jun, the exhibition has exhibited 95 original works by more than 50 first-line pottery artists in Jingdezhen College, including ceramic utensils, porcelain paintings, etc. The exhibitors covered the masters of Chinese arts and crafts, professor Li Jusheng, doctoral tutor Professor Lv Jinquan, famous professors Zhang Jinghui, Zhao Chuanyu, Huang Sheng, Zhan Wei, Yu Hong, Liu Lejun and other current pottery masters. Many of them are intangible cultural heritage inheritors at the national, provincial and municipal levels.

Miao Jun said that these works of art are very different in style. They are gorgeous, beautiful, elegant or lively. Some show the masters' deep knowledge of traditional art, some have a strong modern atmosphere, and some even combine Western oil paintings. The expression technique is diverse in style, including blue and white, pastel, new color, ancient color, enamel molding, comprehensive decoration, etc. The pieces are exquisite and unique, all of which are original pieces of the artist. Miao Jun believes that the level of this exhibition can be said to represent half of China's contemporary ceramic art.

It is reported that this exhibition will last until August 18th. People who are interested in ceramic art can visit the 117 Art Center for free

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