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2019 Ningbo City 3rd Game and Entertainment Competition closed

On the afternoon of August 11, the 3rd Game and Entertainment Super League (NGL) final of Ningbo City officially started in Wanda Golden Block of Jiangbei.

The Super League is guided by Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television, and Press, and sponsored by Ningbo Cultural and Entertainment Industry Association. It is jointly hosted by Ningbo Jiangbei Wanda Plaza and Super Players. Its co-organizers include Yinzhou Shencaifeiyang Entertainment Co., Ltd., Haishu Tianyi Square Tom’s World, Cixi Star Legend, Games Tribe Tribe (Beilun) and Games Tribe (Chenghuang Temple).

The competition attracted players of all ages, and the event attracted a lot of attention.

After a day’s fighting, three major events (Basketball Championship, Dancing, E-Fame) decided the final ranking. So far, the four-month 2019 Game Competition was successfully concluded.

The competition aims to provide the platform for the game fans to show themselves and communicate with each other with the characteristics of “Health and Innovation”; to promote, spread and guide the old, middle and young game lovers to enjoy healthy entertainment and promote the prosperity and development of the game industry and amusement market to better meet the diverse, multi-level and multi-faceted spiritual and cultural needs of the masses; to show the positive, tenacious and up-and-coming competitive concept of the game and amusement to the public, so that more people can understand and experience the charm of game and amusement competition and strive to create a good industry atmosphere, promote and popularize the game amusement sports in our city. At the same time, the event will build a platform for sharing resources and win-win cooperation in terms of creativity and competition for the game and entertainment enterprises, and promote a whole industry chain and the integrated development of the upper and lower game enterprises, and further promote the transformation and upgrading of the city's cultural and entertainment industry

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