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Ningbo Symphony Orchestra attends Italian Summer Music Festival

On the morning of July 19th, Beijing time, Ningbo Symphony Orchestra held the "Night of Ningbo in Milan" concert at the Frank Ballen Theatre in Milan, Italy. This is the third performance of Ningbo Symphony Orchestra in Italian Summer Music Festival.

The concert started with "Jasmine", which ended with thunderous applause from the audience. It was followed by the violin concerto "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai". The classic and beautiful melodies won warm applause. In the second half, the orchestra played the "Beethoven's seventh symphony in A major".

After the performance, the audience stood up and applauded. In the endless applause, the band performed another symphony work "Madeng Tune" made by the composer Tang Jianping. It is a different interpretation of percussion music, combined with Ningbo local style, bringing a new music experience to the Italian audience.

Previously, Ningbo Symphony Orchestra held two performances at    Glory Court of the Forzai Fortress in Novara on the evening of July 16 and at Maggiore Theatre in Verbania on the evening of July 17

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