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Intelligent water control

An intelligent unmanned monitoring vessel is inspecting the water.  (Photo by Wang Bo)

At the site of the city's intelligent water control work meeting on July 2nd, a "little yellow boat" about one meter long is very eye-catching and became the favorite of many media reports.  The “little yellow boat" is called the intelligent unmanned monitoring boat, and has recently been   monitoring water in several river courses.  The boat is equipped with a multi-parameter monitor, which can automatically monitor water temperature, pH value, dissolved oxygen, etc. It is a good complement for the insufficient current manned river inspection on foot.  

In recent years, the city's water pollution prevention and control work has made much progress.  By the end of 2018, the excellent water quality rate of the national examination section reached 100%. The water quality excellent rate and functional area compliance rate of the municipal control and above sections reached 80% and 86.3% respectively. The annual ranking of the surface water environment in the province rose from the 10th in 2013 to the 5th place in 2018, the compliance rate of drinking water sources above the county level continued to maintain 100%. 

However, the current work of water pollution prevention and control in our city has also encountered the problem of inadequate monitoring methods.  According to reports, the current monitoring and inspection of water environment quality in our city is still based on manual sampling and laboratory analysis, and the monitoring data is not time-sensitive and vulnerable to external factors.  In this regard, the city explores “intelligent” water control, and attempts to use the power of science and technology to establish an automatic monitoring and inspection system that is automated, refined, intelligent and capable of analyzing the causes of water quality changes.

In addition to the "little yellow boat", more than a dozen high-tech water control technologies and products are also displayed on the site.  There is a small robot that can treat the rain (sewage) pipe network with "gastroscopy". It can enter the pipeline to find the leaking point and repair it. The submarine telemetry terminal can collect the water sample data 24 hours a day.  There is also automatic garbage clearing boat. This magic cleaning machine can not only liberate the hands of river cleaning staff, but also increase the frequency of cleaning, to ensure that there is no garbage floating on the surface of the water.

It is learned that in the next stage, the city plans to build 285 automatic water quality monitoring stations (points) within the city, and accurately target the management objectives and tasks to the regional, watershed and control units

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