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Documentary about Intangible Cultural Heritage Debuts

  “Beilun Impression”, a documentary about intangible cultural heritage in Beilun District in the form of a series of short videos made its debut yesterday. The documentary presents a panoramic view of the ancient heritage with grand narrative scenes. 

  Beilun is home to 50 intangible heritage projects above district level. Since 2018, cultural offices in the district have made field trips to shoot the documentary. The first season consists of 10 15-minute long episodes. Each one introduces an intangible cultural heritage to give illustration to the inheritance, history, preservation and current conditions of this heritage. At the same time, the offices took 3 years to single out suitable subject matters, including endangered heritage preservation and relevant problems, to give the documentary record. 

  Four of the ten episodes greeted the audience at the premiere, presenting the trials made by the local people to overcome great difficulty to carry forward the endangered cultural heritage. Against a broad

backdrop, the documentary adopts a small, yet warm, delicate and impressive narrative perspective. While boosting the audience’s awareness to protect cultural heritage, the documentary also showcases diversified history and culture.

  Hosted by the Beilun Culture and Radio and Television Tourism and Sports Bureau, the documentary is part of the district’s “Cultural and Natural Heritage Day” series activities this year

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