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Ningbo holds a public volunteer activity to celebrate the 29th National Land Day

June 25th marks China’s 29th National Land Day, and the theme for this year is “Strictly protect the cultivated area, and reduce intensive land use”. On June 23rd, Ningbo Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning organizes a public volunteer activity featuring “Me and Cultivated Area” to celebrate the upcoming National Land Day.

In Ningbo City Exhibition Hall, special activities are prepared for children, such as the vow-making ceremony for the first 29 little cultivated area guards in Ningbo, cultivated area protection exhibition, related children’s painting exhibition, surveying instrument for cultivated area show, and related question-answering games. Also, Ningbo’s citizens come to the hall to offer their advice on cultivated area protection and join the team for cultivated area protection.

More efforts need to be made to protect cultivated land in Ningbo because there are more people and less land in the city, with its cultivated land quantity reaching 215,333 hectares, per capita cultivated land 0.074 acre, which is only one-third of the national average

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