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The first phase of Rail Transit Line 3 has passed the trial operation review

On June 5th, the Construction Department of Ningbo Rail Transit announces that Rail Transit Line 3 has passed the three-day review from the expert group of trial operation.

The department tells us that they are to follow advice from the expert group, and accelerate the finishing touches inside and outside the station of the first phase of the Line 3 Project. Also, they will focus on improving the surrounding environment, adding urban road construction, and enhancing bus transfer efficiency and traffic signs. They are to find and solve problems in the project to complete the preparation for the official operation, and after obtaining the official review report, the Ningbo Municipal Transport Bureau will ask for permission for operation from the municipal government.

The completion of the Line 3 Project, the first project of the second round of Ningbo’s rail transit construction, will mark that Ningbo has entered an era of multi-line transport. The first phase of Line 3, a key transport line that extends from the south to the north of the city, is 16.73 kilometers long and has 15 stations in total

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