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International Museum Day activities to be launched in Ningbo

To celebrate the coming International Museum Day on May 18, the cultural relics units and museums in Ningbo will conduct a variety of colorful activities to give the public an opportunity to have a close look at the museums, such as watching the ancient book reparation by a web celebrity named "Gezhudada", listening to the port history lecture, learning about the traditional Chinese herb culture, visiting the fine exhibitions and listening to expert lectures. 
With the theme of "museum as cultural hub: future of the tradition", this year's museum day will focus on the role of museums as the active participants of community, social groups and society. The museums are encouraged to provide high-quality cultural elements to enhance the public sense of cultural recognition and belonging and strengthen the public sense of happiness and gain. Meanwhile, as the cultural hub, the museums should also make efforts to build the platform for the exchange and dialogue between different civilizations, maintain the cultural diversity and promote the mutual communication and exchange between different cultures. 
To further convey the social role of museums, from May 18, the well-known "Gezhudada" from Tianyi Pavilion Museum will demonstrate the ancient book reparation skills at the North Fuqing Road Station of Ningbo Rail Transit, providing the citizens a chance to enjoy the traditional skillful techniques of ancient book reparation, boosting the vigor of the traditional techniques in the modern time. 

The Chinese Port Museum will launch the "lecture by museum president" activity on May 18, and the mobile container experience store of the port will be open to the public. The store, integrating the roles of cultural creation, coffee shop and book store, has been well received at this year's Ningbo Cultural Industries Fair 
Also on May 18, Yuyao Museum and the Hemudu Sites Museum will conduct the series exhibitions at the Simen Town of Yuyao County. Fenghua Cultural Relics Protection and Management Administration will co-host a "getting close to nature" activity with Fenghua Folk Chinese Medicine Museum, where the citizens can visit the cultivation, planting, traditional processing and high-tech bio-extraction and processing of the Chinese medical herbs and learn about the history of the traditional Chinese medicine over the past several thousand years. 
Other important activities include the "exhibition of the silk road cultural relics of Xinjiang" at Ningbo Museum, the "special exhibition of rubbing script of Dong Qichang's stone inscription works at the Tianyi Pavilion Museum, the "exhibition of cultural relics of Xinle Sites" at the Hemudu Sites Museum, and the "cultural exhibition of famous cultural stones in Ningbo" at the Baoguo Temple Ancient Architecture Museum

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