First cultural night tour route launched in Ningbo

Category: Ningbo News
Published: Wednesday, 01 May 2019 15:18

It's really a special experience of the history and culture and the natural landscapes of Ningbo: visiting the Moonlake Park, listening to the local opera, and taking a boat on the three rivers, dressed in the Han-style clothes, with a palace lantern in hand. On April 15, the first night tour route integrating the local culture and the intangible cultural heritage items of Ningbo was launched, and the first batch of 28 tourist from home and abroad took the opportunity to experience the charm of the urban cultural tourism of Ningbo.


The Moonlake Park is a well-known place of historic interest. However, not many people can tell all the highlights of its cultural richness. Connecting such places of interest as the Korean Embassy site, the Drum Tower, the Water Criterion Stele, the former residence of Tong Hua (a teacher of Emperor Guangxu), the Moonlake Memory Square, the Moon Island, the former residence of the Lu family, the former residence of the Jiang family, and the former residence of Zhang Yuanzhi, the night tour route leads people to the depth of history. By taking the tour, one can recall the poem composing scenes of the “Moonlake Society of Poets” during the Southern Song Dynasty, appreciate the "new inscription" by Wang Anshi, when he was the county magistrate of the Yinxian County in 1048, and see the Water Criterion Stele, an important water conservancy facility of the Ningbo section of the Grand Canal of China, a world cultural heritage site.   




Another highlight of the night tour is listening to the Yong Opera, the local opera of Ningbo. At the former residence of Zhang Yuanzhi, visitors can enjoy the Shaoxing Opera, the Yong Opera, the Zoushu performance and the local folk instrument performance. This is also the same place where the member assemblies of the "Moonlake Society of Poets" were held in the Southern Song Dynasty. All the local sounds seem to relate to the visitors the history of the city.

The "night boating of the three rivers" is an important carrier for the history ofNingbo, as well as the only water tourist item in the urban area ofNingbo. The night tour around theMoonlakeParkarea has realized the seamless docking with the night boating of the three rivers. "After the Yong Opera appreciation, we will send the tourists to the Zousuyejiang Pier, who will then board the boat and having a 14-kilometer round trip on the river, passing the Chenglang Bridge, the Xingning Bridge, the Qin Bridge, the Ling Bridge, the Jiangxia Bridge, the Yong River Bridge, the Old Bund Bridge, the Xinjiang Bridge, the Jiefang Bridge, the Yongfeng Bridge, the Sanjiangkou area, the Old Bund, and then to the Grand Theatre." said a person in charge from the local tour operation center of Ningbo CYTS