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Ningbo Orange Music Festival Successfully Held

As part of the activities of 2019 China (Ningbo) Cultural Industries Fair, Ningbo Orange Music Festival was successfully held in the evening on April 21.

Ningbo Cultural Plaza has held an outdoor music festival each year since 2014 to boost diversified music exchanges, such as Summer Solstice Music Day, Orange Music Contest, Orange Music Festival and talent show, creating an atmosphere of music in Ningbo. Successfully held for 3 years, Orange Music Festival was originally Orange Music Contest and has formed its brand effect and attracts tens of thousands of audience from local and surrounding areas every year, enjoying enormous population among music lovers in Ningbo. It’s known that the tickets for this year’s Orange Music Festival wer sold out within 3 days. 

In this year’s musical festival, many noted Chinese bands and singers, such as QUEEN SEA BIG SHARK, Fangdongdemao (The cat of landlord), Qiezidan (Eggplant Egg), Guo Ding and Chen Hongyu put on different forms of music performance including ballet and rock music and won the hearts of wide young audience

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