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Ningbo Cultural Fair will have " Literary Living Room"

On April 10th, it is learned from the City Cultural Center that “Art Living Room” will be unveiled at Ningbo International Cultural Fair in the form of the first urban art popularization space model in China.

According to reports, the art living room is located in Hall 3 of Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, the main venue of the Cultural Fair.

The whole exhibition area is characterized by “literary art and youthfulness” and consists of three sections: experience zone, exhibition zone and meeting zone, including art meeting, cloud shelf, digital experience, skill interaction, and cultural creation derivative. 200 art league organizations and more than 30 space alliance members will be invited to participate in the exhibition. More than 500 pieces of art boutique will be exhibited. And over 160 online art and cultural products, and art training courses will be available for visitors to observe, experience or purchase.

What is even more exciting is that during the three-day exhibition, the art living room will hold 9 theme activities and two normal interactive activities.

Xu Zhong’ou, Chen Yafei, Han Peisheng, Lin Haiyong, Ge Xiaohong and many other famous artists from the city will visit the art living room to share their thoughts on the development of urban art and the popularization of artistic life, and jointly discuss the conception and implementation of “painting and calligraphy into the living room”.

The exhibition hall will also invite 101 Ningbo artists to talk about their artistic life. In addition, the audience can enjoy the melodrama, children's street dance, and experience floral, tea ceremony, hand-made, etc. in the literary living room

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