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Ningbo Charity Shop - 宁波慈善商店由宁波市慈善总会




The Ningbo Charity Store is hosted by the Ningbo Charity Federation, the Ningbo Welfare Lottery Association, and the Haishu District Charity Federation. It mainly accepts donations from various sectors of the society and charitable sales of various donated items. The items raised are directly donated to various social welfare organizations. And the difficult groups, in addition to charity to raise funds for the help of children in distress and left-behind children. At the same time, the store places disabled people as shop assistants and cooperates with the disabled agencies to allow some disabled people to carry out logistics and warehousing. 

The charity store sincerely collects all kinds of new items, 90% of new products and books that you have spared from the community. It also welcomes enterprises, public institutions, and friends to shop and support charity. We solemnly promise you that the proceeds from the charity store charity sale will be used for public welfare projects. At the same time, the public number of the Ningbo Charity Store will promptly release all kinds of news and donations and donations and accept the supervision of the society.


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