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Works of Ningbo painter included in the "World Dictionary of Fine Arts"

Chen Yu’s Dunhuang Music and Dance Series was selected into the World Dictionary of Fine Arts. The large dictionary is exquisite, informative, and illustrated, which integrates knowledge, academicity and information into one. It is divided into two parts: painting and sculpture; calligraphy and seal. It is published by China International Publishing House and distributed to the whole world.

Chen Yan is good at meticulous classical figure painting. In 2005, he joined the Chinese Art Society (San Francisco). In 2016, he was promoted as a member of the (Los Angeles) International China Artists Association for his creation of "100 Pictures of Dunhuang Music and Dance". Up to now, the official website of China Artists Network has published more than 200 works by Chen. China Post has published 6 books of his classical figures, and Dunhuang music and dance works have been published 12 times in the national first-level publishing house

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